Manicure & Pedicure

Well-groomed hands and feet with PFEILRING instruments

Since now 120 years the name Pfeilring stands for „ Manicure and Pedicure – Trends of Today and Tomorrow“. The distinctive design is always focussing and giving direction to manicure and pedicure products. The range goes from high-class instruments and sets up to nail-and foot-care systems.
The unique combination of handmade manufacturing and technology is for sure one of the main reasons for success and appreciation. Permanent quality conformance tests and highly motivated staff are important parts of the working process. This combination makes each Pfeilring product unique.

Manicure Sets

Manicure Sets

Various kinds of leather like calfskin and cowhide are formed and sewn by leather specialists resulting in finest manicure-sets. The range consists of different sizes and shapes up to sets made for professional use.
In daily use by cosmetic studios, dermatologists and podiatrists high end professional quality is indispensable.


Nail Scissors

All blades are fully tempered and sharpened by hand, resulting in long lasting sharpness and precise smooth cutting action.

Cuticle Scissors

Cuticle scissors are the more filigree version of the nail scissors and all what is described under nail scissors also applies for this type. The blades however, worked out much finer, are especially made for the cutting of cuticles and removing small skin particles.

Nail Nippers

The forged handles of Pfeilring nippers are all-over hardened and manually set in order to achieve a most comfortable and precise cutting action.The sharp cutting edges move on a wide steel-surface taking up the necessary power for cutting nails. This way even strongly hornificated finger-and foot nails can be cut with excellent effect.

Cuticle Nippers

Cuticle nippers are the smaller and petite version of the nail nipper. With the very fine cutting edge cuticle nippers are made especially for removing nail skin. Each nipper is sharpened by hand resulting in a very precise instrument.

Nail Clippers

With its compact size a nail-clipper is the ideal travelling companion. Exactly positioned cutting edges guarantee a perfect function and the optimal springback secures handiness and longlasting durability.

Nail Files

Sapphire Nail Files

Rounded corners take the fear away from injury by sapphire grains. The final chromeplating secures long lasting durability and permanent good results. Sapphire files can be cleaned easily and hygienically under current water.

Glass Nail Files

Glass nail files are made of a specially hardened glass and can be disinfected. A very smooth and precise manicure is guaranteed even on brittle and cracked nails. As the microfine structure does not wear off glass nail files can be used on natural as well as on artificial nails.

Polishing Nail Files

Shiny and brilliant nails without nail lacquer? No problem with a Pfeilring polishing file. In 3 steps only ( even up-smooth-polish) a perfect result is achieved. Nails end up with natural shine and without any chemical substance.

Emery Boards

Files for home and traveling. The filing area is not applied on paper but on a wooden core,thus assuring a long period of use.


Tweezers – straight, oblique, pointed and offset

Tweezers are handmade instruments with highest precision.With various kind of tips suitable for all needs in daily life.From splinter-tweezers to slanted eyebrow-tweezers, handgrinding performs each tweezer into a masterpiece of manicure instrument.

Tweezers INOX stainless

Inox tweezers are made of 100% finest stainless steel. Also for these tweezers the same high quality standards apply like for nickelplated and goldplated tweezers.

Automatic Tweezers

PFEILRING automatic tweezers even grab the smallest brow and finest hair fast and painless and are often used in professional institutes.

Foot Rasp

Foot File

The ergonomic handle in combination with the two filing areas -rough and fine- guarantees a perfect result. The additional file integrated in the handle adds up to even more variety.


Double Instrument

This combination instrument is made of pure stainless steel with two tips and consists of nail cleaner and cuticle pusher

Cuticle Pusher

Without any effort the softened cuticle ( the use of a Pfeilring Cuticle-Softener is highly recommended ) is pushed back.

Nail Cleaner

The specially designed nail cleaner removes easily and painless dirt from under the nail tips.

Manicure Sticks

Manicure sticks are very important instruments in nail care. Tips without any rough corner avoid the damage of the skin under the nail. The securely fastened „rubber-hoof“ enables to softly push back the cuticle.

Hardwood Sticks

Professional cosmetic institutes couldn't do without these wooden sticks made from selected high end hardwood.


Scissors - Made For Gentlemen

These special scissors for men -equipped with micro serrationed blades- easily can grasp and hold better any hair when cutting in the beard and nose area. The tips are rounded to avoid any injuries.

Hair Scissors, Styling Scissors and Basic Thinning Shears

The satinated scissors made from finest stainless steel fit perfectly your hand and stand for fatigue-free use, ergonomics and perfectly ground. Inlay rings and detachable fingerhooks are available for all different models.