Wellness Starts With Body Care

The beard of a man grows daily by aprox. 0,4mm.During a life a man on average spends 3500 hours on shaving in order to controll the steady growth of his beard. Wet shaving is the most gentle and effective method. Following a few rules every shave can result in a short little wellness holiday for face and soul. In order to receive a highly careful shave, beard and skin should be well prepared.
The special recipe of the Golddachs-Shaving-Soap combined with warm water and a good shaving brush ensures a dense and creamy foam. 
The Golddachs-Soap has an excellent formula to soften and lixiviate the beard and in combination with a good blade gives an extreme precise and longlasting shave. A wet shave with Golddachs products guarantees: a perfect outcome for a perfect day.

Shaving Sets

Shapely and trendy designed shaving sets for every bathroom.

Golddachs shaving sets are designed from classic to modern.
Razor-heads fit the MACH3-/and FUSION-system.
For the brushes only the very best badger hair: pure badger, finest badger and silvertip badger is used in production.

Razors and shaving knives

Safety Razors and Straight Razors

Shaver suitable for Mach3- or Fusion system are very varied in material and styles. A special feature is the Butterfly. A razor that works with the well-known blades.
The Solingen manufactured shaving knifes are hand-sharpened and available in many material combinations.

Shaving Brushes

High quality natural bristles only

Shaving brushes are manufactured in 3 different qualities: pure badger, finest badger and silvertip badger. 
A variety of shapes and materials is offered.

Beard Care and Soaps

Shaving Soaps and Care

For the complete care package, GOLDDACHS offers a variety of surrounding care products aligning the shaving products. GOLDDACHS soaps are available in different scents. The soap offers a optimal ph-value for hair swelling and offers a deeper and cleaner shave. After the perfect shave the skin also needs treatment. GOLDDACHS offers a selection  of skin and beard care products. All Made in Germany.