WELLNER – The legendary name for Tableware and noble Dining

The year 1854 marks the beginning of the lifely history of the famous manufacturer Wellner. Dedication and devotion towards value and precision were decisive for the manufacturing of finest tableware.
„Culture of Dining“ as their philosophy, was the order of the first day when starting the business.
Also a guiding principle of our manufacture is the production according to traditional archtype and experience of more than 150 years.
A real Wellner classic,designed by the famous architect and product-designer Peter Behrens (1868-1940), is the dining-set No.124. Manufactured for the first time in the early 20th century it had a magnificent success and still today it can be admired in the International Design Museum „Die Neue Sammlung“ in the city of Munich -Germany.
Wellner - the legend is back and alive. For just eating you can use tableware – for dining you take Wellner – The Culture of Dining.
Finest silverware and tableware – Made in Germany

Kitchen Knives

Indispensable in the Kitchen

A good knife does not make a good cook, but for good cooking-results you need good knives – Pfeilring knives. No matter whether you cut, peel,slice or filet our knives serve the highest demands and no matter what kind of knife, you will have a high-class product in your hands. Preparing of food will be something special.

Shears and Scissors

Household Scissors

Pfeilring household scissors, a valuable helper for daily use, are all manufactured from finest stainless steel with ergonomic handles.

Paper Scissors - Office Scissors

All kind of paper will be cut precisely with Pfeilring scissors. Grinding the blades by hand guarantees an extreme durable sharpness.

Embroidery Scissors - Sewing Scissors and Tailor Shears

Various blades and shapes make sure that each pair of scissors is ready for its special purpose.

Letter Opener

For home and office

A good letter opener still is a useful utensil to open the mail clean and stylish. 
All letter openers are available in polished or satinated version.


Pocket Knives – Bottle Openers – Tooth Picks

The toothpick with genuine silver-leaf easily cleans the interspace between teeth after a meal at home or on the way. A useful utensil like the easily screw-assembled bottle opener and the small pocket knife for a perfect wine tasting.